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Do You Need a Family Doctor or Something Else

Do You Need a Family Doctor or Something Else? 

No matter where you go, you need good healthcare. Most of all, you need a trusted resource to give you a clear picture of your overall health. 

With so many different kinds of positions, how do you know if you need a family care doctor or someone else? If you have wondered if the family care doctor is what you need to see, then we’ve provided a list to help you figure out if they are the right ones you need to see or if you need to speak to someone else. 

The Different Kinds of Primary Care

There are several kinds of positions that provide primary care. Here’s a list of the different positions that work under primary care:

Family Doctors

These physicians treat patients of all ages. They are trained in adult medicine, pediatrics, geriatric medicine, and musculoskeletal care. Typically, in a family medical practice, around 10 to 15 percent of the patients are children. However, stay treat patients from infancy all the way to the elderly through everyday care.

Internist. Doctors who practice internal medicine specialize in treating adults. Just like family doctors, they treat many acute and chronic conditions. This means that they receive training in many fields which include endocrinology, neurology, orthopedics, geriatrics, and rehabilitation. 


Pediatricians complete special training that focuses on the wellness, development, and treatment of the conditions that can affect babies, children, and teenagers till the age of 21. Mostly, pediatricians are the primary care providers for children but others may specialize further in a particular field such as pediatric neurology. While a family doctor with no how to treat babies or children, often a pediatrician has more specialized training.


This kind of physician specializes in treating older adults. With their advanced training, they can handle issues like insomnia, dementia, and balance problems. However, there are only about 6,900 certified geriatricians in the United States. This can make it more difficult to locate a geriatrician in your area than finding a family doctor.

Obstetrician gynecologist (OB-GYN).

This type of doctor specializes in women’s health and has the expertise in understanding reproductive health. This would include pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum conditions. While a family doctor would be able to help you figure out pregnancy, an OB-GYN has the specialized training that can help if any complications were to arise. 

Emergency medicine.

This type of doctor is qualified in treating emergency medical issues. While they can provide primary care, often is in your best interest to only see them during an emergency.

When it comes to finding the right doctor for you, understanding what each doctor can do for you is important. Finding the right one takes time, and you may have to do some searching. If you aren’t sure what kind of doctor you need, contact your family care doctor and see if they can handle your case or can refer you to someone with more specialized training.